Are you looking for a place that serves the best BBQ in the Williston, FL area? Are you craving some nice juicy BBQ food, but you have not found a place that you like yet? Perhaps you are new to the area and where you came from, you had awesome BBQ and billiards, but not having any luck in the Williston, FL area.

Well, this happens to everyone when they first move down here. They do not know where to go or who has the best food, but that usually changes when you ask around about who serves the best BBQ and also does billiards. You will soon find out that there is a hidden gem right in the city you live in. You will discover that Hoe Down Bar & Grill is the best in the area. We serve up some amazing BBQ that is to die for. All of the locals come on down to our restaurant when they are in need of some good food and you will too soon enough.

We not only serve the best BBQ, but we have some amazing burgers and sandwiches. We serve real food, not food that has been frozen like most other restaurants. We know that when you are coming out to eat, you want something amazing like you would make at your house. That is why everything that comes out of our kitchen will taste like it came out of your kitchen. Not to mention, we do have a full service bar, so you are more than welcome to have a few adult beverages, if you would like. What is better than having amazing food along with your favorite adult beverage? What are you waiting for? Is it time to come on down and take advantage of our happy hour specials along with some live karaoke entertainment while enjoying a nice meal with your friends or family? There is never a dull moment with us.